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I write feature articles, book reviews, blog posts, social media content, poetry, fiction, and nonfiction. I've been published in the Los Angeles Times, the Orange County Register, Adweek, U+Me, Kirkus Reviews, and other publications under the byline Devon Glenn. I studied horror writing at UCLA and romance writing with author Sarah MacLean. (Click on the underlined titles for a link to a sample. Keep scrolling for more.) 

What Follows

SSAATTBB a cappella (2003)
Music by Matthew Brown

Poem by Devon Glenn


What follows
close behind me;
pinning only me—
a streetlamp flickers on, then shines.

Now my footsteps pass like billboards;
now the sirens are my breath.
Even in my head this conversation clangs.

With lowered eyes, I try to pass,
but I have no other steps,
and nowhere to move but on—
I’m moving on.

I keep this stranger close behind me—
pinning only me—
warmed by its flicker, then shine.

I have only what follows.


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